Enjoy these samples from our new CD


and Tobins


Our first CD “Diddly” is still available.

The CD tracklist is:

  1. Donneybrook Fair/ Connaughtmans Rambles/ Geese on the bog
  2. Do you love an apple
  3. Bill/Dennis/John
  4. Night Visit
  5. Maid Behind the bar/Banshee
  6. Next Market Day
  7. The frost is all over/ Old Man Dillon
  8. The Jolly Tinker
  9. The Argument ( Merry Blacksmith)
  10. Johnny I hardly knew ye/ Morrisons
  11. What put the blood
  12. Silver Spear/ Green Meadow
  13. Dum De Dum/ Little Beggarman
  14. St Anne’s Reel/ The Teetotaller
  15. Wild Rover