Band members in no particular order are:

Nikki, plays tin whistle and has a fantastic singing voice. Her rendition of Lass Of Glenshee stops hardened men in their tracks, in a good way. Would like music to be her full time job but for now…

Sara, Nikki’s sister, similarly blessed with an excellent voice and is the core of the melody with the tin whistle. Sara’s likes include organising set lists, arranging gigs, and Damien.

Damien, big man with a guitar, a voice and an encyclopaedic knowledge of traditional songs, usually with verses unsuitable for minors and some miners.

Martin, can’t make his mind up whether to sing, play fiddle or play mandola so tries to do them all but not at the same time.  His ambition is to remember how all the tunes go without Sara having to remind him.

PJ, an enigma with initials rather than a name.  Plays bodhran brilliantly and keeps everyone in time. Would like to play guitar but the rest of the band keep hiding it from him.